Arena Music – New Music Worldwide Programme & Competition! Be ready…

5 May

I am officially announcing the countdown of starting ” Arena Music ” – it is an innovative online music programme which has the goal to provide for Music Lovers and Listeners from entire world to connect, discover and like new music style and it’s underground passages of electronic compositions.

On the 12th of May -> I will present the First Episode called ” Dirty Dutch Techno ” .

Will be presented a brief history, images, the exponential composers of this music style. In the End of this episode I will offer you a small mix session made in Dirty Dutch style made and performed by me.

The Way:

Each weekend I will post an article with a brief history, images of peoples who made that music style famous and a mixing session made and performed by me in that music genre.


The Competition:

In the following weeks I will provide updated status and news about the records label, companies and different business music partnerships which can help me to provide some good competitions with good prizes for all DJ’s and Music Producers to Mix, Remix or Compose for the upcoming new music weekend style announced.


Stay Tuned!

Subscribe and you will get each weekend the best info about this music programme.


For Dj’s and Music Producers:

If you want to participate in this music programme and have your music skills promoted on my online show, please submit your demo’s to  and I will contact you back for more infos how your composition can go public among my show and be promoted.


If any of the online radio station or a public radio station is willing to support or take over my idea in this music programme, please contact me at to get the Press Kit and Approval for Licensing and Conditions applied.

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Official New Spring Promotion -> Xmarket DJ featuring TrippleT – Runaway ( Techno Version )

30 Mar

The Australian young Dj Xmarket featuring one of the most upcoming famous German music producer Tripple-T is presenting you the newest Spring Promotion song – “Runaway” ( Techno Version ). 


We will gonna launch in a few weeks also a complete Radio Edit version with complete lyrics and voices.


Stay Tuned -> and subscribe to our Fan Database and get a FREE Download!

Here is the link to stream free and DOWNLOAD free if you sign up for our mailing list:

Xmarket DJ featuring TrippleT – Runaway ( Techno Version )


Music Theory Vs. “Not to know the engine of music”

2 Feb

There are many points of view regarding this idea, one of my very good friends blog ( please see below the link ) he has a good argumentation of his point of view, which is a very good one I can not deny it but still in the end in my own point of view it is not enough.

Please encourage and support this amazing guy’s blog:

Music Software Learning

I do support his idea but not in totally, as not knowing the theory and the “beauty” behinds the music and the core of it, we will never be a true master of the sound. He points to some very few interesting artists who did it without learning music theory, maybe he is right they had talent and other peoples had take care of this aspect also.

Not knowing the “engine of music” is like drinking a liquid within a glass but without knowing what is actually there, eating food every night but quit do not know what is there and so on. Even driving your car and do not know how to put fuel, sounds ridiculous? Yeah, it is !

At the beginner stage, the young music producer must have that “feeling” of discovering that sounds without theory, but once he is performing and wish to get at a higher level, a professional I think he needs to upscale his knowledge.

Never knowing to much about music heart nobody, so…do you really love the music , you musician? If yes, why not trying to learn new stuff, learning is not wasting your time. It’s expanding it and making you better, maybe you will not have fantastic result in composition, but will make you feeling more better than before knowing that you “cracked” the sound and you are the master of it.

In the end, my own advice to any musician and music producer who wanna do it more than just play with the “tools” in the bathroom -> you can do it better and get out from the computer and bring it own to the stage and be the one who will make thousands of peoples just screaming because you just play it at the guitar or piano.


Here is something funny for you guys:




Dubstep New Release – ” Bing Bang”

27 Jan

Dubstep New Release -

You are invited to listen, share and enjoy it!


FREE Download – Drum Rack Ableton

19 Jan

FREE Download – Drum Rack Ableton

Here you will find a drum rack created by me in Ableton and designed to be use in Ableton. After you unrar, please open the Ableton extension which will load all the files.

There are 2 audio effects applied – Compressor and EQ 8

Enjoy it – by next time!

“Move 2 DnB” – Promo Release

18 Jan

As I promised, you will be updated when I am working on a new finish release. On the 1 Th of February I am planning to launch my new work sound, it is a new approach, new style and new idea. It is a combination between DnB and a little bit of Dubstep.

Below you will see the short promo created by me special for you, enjoy it and share it!


Playground (Short Techno Loop) by Xmarket – A good tune ( Free Download for Remix )

15 Jan

Now 4 months I posted this on SoundCloud, this is quite a good tune and vibe for those who want to be inspired.

You are “invited” to download for free from SoundCloud from the link below and Remix / Add to your music artwork ( would appreciate if you can post a link to my blog, in the description of your work ).

Enjoy it for today, “see ya” next time!


DJ Shiftee – Total Kontrol with Z2 and Maschine ( from Native Instruments )

14 Jan

Did you ever thing about DJ-ing?
Watch out this video – crazy stuff around there.

Would love to put some hands on such NI hardware.

Hello World! This is my first music “CookBook” post

13 Jan

I must say after several hours, I succeed to finish my design, give your best feedback, opinion and improvements suggestions for this blog.

I know why are you reading now. Are you waiting for a good tip? For an amazing news?

Look it below at this amazing new promo for Ableton Live 9 -> I am for sure gonna acquire one copy when it will release, especially that “Push” hardware, amazing tool.


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